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Why You Can’t Get A Degree in SEO.

      Posted by Jared Speck 05/31/12

Search engine optimization is a tricky business that changes too quickly to be packed into semester class. By the time a professor has caught on to the latest techniques Google will perform an update which renders current teaching old news. Even the “SEO for Dummies” book become outdated soon after they are released.

You just can’t get a degree in Search Engine optimization. It is a volatile job that can literally change over night. Unlike web design, SEO is consistently changing and must be learned on the fly. Say you have a website that is ranking highly for a fairly competitive keyword. Google does an panda update that renders all your hard work useless and suddenly site is showing up on page 5 of Google.

The point here is you need to have your eyes open and make sure you are following Google’s updates. He at Blue Octopus we follow a variety of SEO experts and are active on a variety of internet marketing forums in order to stay ahead of the game. It is kind of like a class that never really ends.

Now even though Universities are not able to keep up with SEO doesn’t mean you should not take classes. Where they lack in current SEO tactics they make up for in teaching you the basic of web design. The core driving factor of all SEO should be a good website. The structure of a website should be built to be as search engine friendly as possible. If you are trying to rank for the term “weight loss Orlando,” that keyword will need to be somewhere in the website or Google will not find your site relevant. A good website will let the user find exactly what they are looking for in only three clicks. College classes can teach you the basics on how design a site that can provide Google with relevant information. Creating a good website also does require a certain degree of skill combine with an artistic eye.

SEO goes hand and hand with a properly design website.