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2013 Orlando Web Design | Blue Octopus Web Designs LLC 彡( o__0)彡

Blue Octopus Rises - Fully Redesigned

     Posted by Jared Speck 12/17/12

When we redesigned out website, we wanted it to look like something that a mad scientist would have created in the 1940’s. Inspiration has come from Nikoli Tesla and Bioshock. We tried to recreate what the internet would have looked like if it was introduced in the 1940’s. Hundreds of ideas and 150+ hours later, we finally completed it!

Why did we redesign our website? We figured if we were offering a high quality web design service, we should have a high quality website of our own. Getting your site designed by a web developer with an awful looking website is kind of like getting financial advise from a homeless guy with crazy hair and no teeth. When you are advertising website creation, the website should be the very best work you can possibly do. Our initial design was somewhat temporary and was to be modified later but we never found the time to do it after going live.

I must admit we have been so busy with designing other clients websites that we have not had a chance to keep up with SEO for Blue Octopus so we have dropped in the rankings a bit. Not for long though. Now that our site has gone live we should be able to jump in the rankings again.

Nothing has gone untouched with the redesign. Everything from our logo to the way our blog is set up. You probably noticed already but our logo now has color! We replaced the wood background in favor of black in order to enhance the look of our new graphics. We have also since switched our web development program from Serif Webplus X5 to Webplus X6. It still has the great features but now with more options. We still love this program because it is easy for our clients to learn so they can make changes after we have creating and uploaded their site.