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2013 Orlando Web Design | Blue Octopus Web Designs LLC 彡( o__0)彡

SEO: Clawing our way up                    

In order to give clients assurance that we are good at what we do, we invite you to watch as we rank ourselves to the top for a highly competitive keyword. If we can do it for our company, we can do it for yours. Click the picture above to read on.

Websites: How they are made            

Today we decided to dive into what is needed to make and upload a website. We skim over how to make a website from simple to more complex design processes. Click the picture above to read on!

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The Mad Octopus Journal

Welcome to the mad octopus journal. This is where we report all of our diabolical web development and SEO experiments. We are the kind of  mad scientists that like to add the “Bwww” in front of our “haha’s.” Here you can learn more about the work we do and benefit from the experiments we have done. All of our news and updates go here as well. Stay tuned…

SEO: From page 100 to 1 | Following the Progress of Blue Octopus Web Designs What you need to make a website

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